Berkgamp immortalised, Sunderland undone, fuck you Stoke

Bergkamp immortalised outside the Emirates - who will be next?

Bergkamp immortalised outside the Emirates – who will be next?

Hello and good morning readers. A quick blog this morning as I’m hard-pressed for time but feel it’s quite necessary to write one as I’ve not done so since after the Bayern game.

A few days after that we faced Sunderland at home with it being absolutely vital we bounce back from our Champions League disappointment with three points in the league. They’re a side who have managed to beat Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd this season so it could have easily been a game in which they caused problems – however it was certainly not one of those days.

Two goals from Giroud and a goal from both Rosicky and Koscielny gave us a 4-0 lead going into the latter stages of the game. We was unfortunately unable to keep the clean sheet however when an 82nd minute strike from Giaccherini gave the visitors a consolidation goal making the final scoreline a comfortable 4-1 victory.

The boss gave his usual press conference after the game and spoke of all the normal things you’d expect but in my opinion there’s only a few things that spring to my mind that I’d like to address.

The game itself
Arsenal were comfortable winners in the same sense that Liverpool were against us earlier in the season – one team turned up, the other didn’t. We played fantastic football with sharp passes, quick movement and an a high tempo all game (summed up by Rosicky’s beauty of a goal). It made it difficult to Sunderland to cope as it is, but it was made even more so by the fact they gave us so much room. You cannot give a free-flowing Arsenal room to pass the ball. Take nothing away from the team, they played brilliantly, but it was Sunderland’s poor performance that made the margin so great.

Importance of rotation
Prior to the game the boss made a number of changes to the squad that played mid-week against Bayern. It was inevitable considering how much the team gave in that fixture but how much he’d rotate was the question on everybody’s mind and also how much it’d affect the team. He replaced Flamini with Arteta, Rosicky for Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gibbs for Morneal, Giroud for Sanogo and most noticeably Podolski for Ozil.

The energy in the team was too much for Sunderland but that energy was born out of rotation. Most of the changes were almost expected but Ozil was one that you just couldn’t put a guarantee on. You felt that he was in need of a rest but the boss has a tendency to give players a chance to bounce back from disappointments instantly in the following game, so it raised doubts. Giving him a rest was absolutely vital and I honestly think when we see him in action next game you’ll see a different player.

Also, how much better did Giroud look? Ten days rest and he went from being completely immobile to unplayable. His first two goals looked simple but they were created out of an increase in mental fitness more than anything. That extra yard of pace and hunger to move made him a different striker and one that Sunderland just couldn’t handle. Long may it continue I say.

Dennis Bergkamp statue
Prior to the game there was the unveiling of the new Dennis Berkgamp statue who now joins Tony Adams, Thierry Henry and Herbert Chapman as immortalised legends outside the ground. A photo of the status was leaked almost a year ago today so it was always a matter of when not if, however it didn’t take away the sentiment of the occasion. Dennis is a club legend in every way possible, he was classy, professional and possessed more talent and ability than any of the players in our current squad (not to say that none of them can’t go onto become better footballers, but right now none of them are above him).

He deserves that statue just as much as any of the others, regardless of the fact that it came at a later date. He’s a true Arsenal great and I’m proud that the club have taken another step forward in making the Emirates feel more ‘Arsenal’. Now begs the question – who will be next? Will they opt for another past great such as Wright, Seaman or Brady? Or perhaps Wenger himself when he decides to retire? There’s also the possibility that a few years down the line we’ll find some of our current players dotted outside but it’s a wonder who may go onto become that good. Wilshere? Ramsey? Ozil? We’ll have to wait and see.

Now the focus will Saturday’s 3pm trip to the shit hole that is Stoke. If we battered Sunderland then we need to be going the step further against that bunch of cunts. I never thought it’d be possible to hate them any more than I already did when Tony Pulis was at the reigns but by replacing him with Mark Hughes I think they’ve created the ultimate formula of a true footballing shit-stain. I don’t want to give them a goal, a clean sheet is a must because their disgraceful fans don’t deserve to celebrate at any point during the game. I then want us to score not a couple of goals but several. I’d take a 2-0 but I want a 6-0. Man, I fucking hate Stoke. Why can’t they fuck off and get relegated already.

As always I’ll try do a blog beforehand but I’ll see if time permits Saturday morning. If not, here’s to the most important thing – three points. And the second most important thing – a Shawcross double leg break.

I’d take either in all honesty.



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