Tough fixtures and ties? That’s what Arsenal are about!

Celebrations for Theo's first against City

Celebrations for Theo’s first against City

Good afternoon guys and gals. Last time I blogged was a few days ago prior to the Man City game where I felt it was a game we could certainly get something from. I did not in any way anticipate a final result of losing 6-3, however I don’t think that was a fair reflection of the game at all.

I am somebody that hates to pass the buck for your own failures or put one or two decisions down to the reason you’ve dropped points. If you lose 2-1 at home and you blame the referee because he missed one penalty, really and truly it doesn’t matter because you should be winning regardless. However it’s hard not to feel like both the linesmen and referee cost us that game.

Two goals from Giroud and Bendtner unfairly ruled offside, two clear goal-scoring opportunities cancelled out from again, offsides that weren’t offsides. A penalty which so blatantly hits the arm and would have otherwise fed a player through on goal – not given. That’s five chances that could have easily thrown the game in our favour.

When you’re playing a team like City, then you score to bring the scoreline within touching distance again only for a decision like that to be taken away is hard enough to deal with. Yet alone five times. The referee was awful, his fellow officials were too, and regardless of whether or not City put six past us I don’t think we deserved to lose that game. A draw at the very least.

From a defensive point of view we were appalling and so were they. We both decided to just go for it, leaving ourselves completely exposed at the back but incredibly strong going forward and it’s no surprise that in doing so there was over 20 chances in the game between us. It was a good game for the neutrals but a load of shit to watch for us.

Anyway, the game is over now, we lost three points, we’re still top albeit by two points and now we face Chelsea at home on Monday. I was feeling confident of a win until it was announced that Mike Dean would be the official for the game. We talk about poor officials against City and then rather than getting a bit of luck in our next fixture we get stuffed with the biggest anti-Arsenal cunt in football. Seriously in our last 15 fixtures where he’s refereed we’ve only won once, drew five times and lost nine – how does that give us any confidence in a massive game like Chelsea?

So, this morning although I’d like to be feeling optimistic, I’m just not. If we want to be top at Christmas we absolutely have to beat Chelsea, because a draw will most likely leave us behind Liverpool on goal difference. This is a must win on the back of an Everton last minute draw, a 2-0 Napoli away loss and a 6-3 Man City away loss. The odds aren’t in our favour, especially when you consider Wenger has never won a fixture against Mourinho.

But hey, isn’t this what football is about? Especially Arsenal? When all odds are against us we seem to prevail. We’re the ultimate back-against-the-wall team. We have the ability to do something special whenever we play and to beat anybody and everybody. We can beat Chelsea, we can stay top and we can continue our strong run way into the New Year.

And to be honest, we’re going need it with the fixtures we’re facing. Firstly before I go into it the list itself lets talk about the fact we drew Bayern Munich again in the next round of the Champions League. Bit of a blow when you consider the fact that Dortmund drew Zenit in their next tie but hey ho. The fixture itself has a massive silver lining regardless of the result.

If we win the tie, we get confidence and belief from beating last years Champions and that could enable us to go far in the competition and league. If we lose the tie, we lose confidence but we also gain focus on the league – something that will hugely benefit us over the other teams. So as tough as a tie it is, it’s not all negative, we can take positives from any results.

However the dates in which the ties take place are far from ideal. These are the three fixtures before we play the first leg at home on Wednesday 19th February:

Saturday 8th February – Liverpool (A)
Wednesday 12th February – Man Utd (H)
Saturday 15th February – FA Cup 5th Round

Then a few weeks later, we play them on Tuesday 11th March away in Munich before taking on:

Saturday 15th March – Sp*rs (A)
Saturday 22nd March – Chelsea (A)
Saturday 29th March – Man City (H)

The honest truth is that we have a huge few months ahead but prior to these terrible run-ins we have a fairly decent amount of games in which we can take many points from. By the time we even face Liverpool we could be top by a pretty good margin and go their full of confidence knowing we can do well in this run.

And realistically we can. Liverpool never do well against us, Utd are shit this year and we’re at home so we should accept nothing but three points there. The FA Cup 5th round depends on who we draw but why can’t we qualify? Then we play Bayern at home – again with the belief that we can and should beat them in front of our home crowd.

A small patch of easier games after that leaves us to face Sp*rs at Shite Hart Lane which again we’ll be looking to win. By that point we should have a good enough gap to go to Chelsea believing a result isn’t important and then again look to win our home game against City.

It’s a tough fixture list, we won’t win it all, but we can and we should damn hell try. It’ll make our break our season and this year in particular feels like one of great things so let’s just go out there and do it.

However the fact of the matter is these games are long in the distance and for now we need to focus on Chelsea on Monday – because if we can get the three points then we’ll most certainly stay top for Christmas.

No matter what that useless incapable fucktard Mike Dean says about it.



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2 thoughts on “Tough fixtures and ties? That’s what Arsenal are about!

  1. lukehastings1 December 17, 2013 at 5:40 pm Reply

    Great post! Those fixtures look really tough, but I know that with a couple of additions in January Arsenal can hopefully brush aside those fixtures and go on to end the trophy drought! I have written a post on Arsenal too, give it a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

    • youngarse December 17, 2013 at 9:02 pm Reply

      Thanks mate! Yea I agree, I think one or two signings could be the difference. I’ll check it out later and comment!

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