Ozil is a happy bunny and so are we

Great shot of the Emirates the other night

Great shot of the Emirates the other night

I had a dream last night where I somehow met a solid contact within the club and he revealed the most startling news to me – that Mesut Ozil was insanely unhappy and would most likely leave in January. I was gutted, shocked and upset. I just couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it was true. When I awoke to realise it was a dream – heck a nightmare – I was relieved and looked for something to comfort me.

Fortunately I remembered that a few days ago he did an interview with the press explaining that he’s really proud to be part of the club. He said

I’m really proud to be part of this Arsenal family here.

As a footballer, we’re out and about, on the road all of the time, it’s great to just stop for a moment, see these things.

It’s actually what I said right when I joined Arsenal. When people tried to convince me when I came here, it was that family spirit at Arsenal which convinced me mainly. This is exactly part of that, what we’ve seen here.

I think the family vibe at the club is something we all love as fans. As a person I’ve always felt the morals and beliefs at the club are exactly what correlate with my personal values as a person. Producing success and earning reward, not buying it. Charity work with The Arsenal Foundation and countless others such as Teenage Cancer Trust and Save the Children. Playing football the right way and sticking to your philosophies no matter what. The family element is something I love too, and it’s great that Ozil has felt that so quickly.

Ozil continued, speaking of his admiration for Wenger, saying

He was the one who convinced me to come here and now I can say that I couldn’t be any happier than to be here, he really loves ­football. I hope he will stay here for many more years and be successful.

I think this really has been the perfect step for me to come and join this club. We have some very talented players here and this is why I think we can achieve something great.

We have to develop further to achieve this, but we can do it.

Everybody that reads my blog knows I’m very pro-Wenger and completely support him. We’re not top of the league by luck and we sure as hell haven’t bought our success. People forget that over the last eight years or so it’s been somewhat unstable at the club. We haven’t won trophies but if you consider that we had Fabregas, Nasri, van Persie, Adebayor, heck even Hleb, Flamini and Adebayor too all in our ranks to eventually leave, then it’s no wonder we struggled.

Nobody can deny that if we had all them together over the past eight years we’d probably have won something. All that blame doesn’t sit with the manager, the majority of them were cunts and that’s just what cunts do – screw over people. Even their club, or as we’ve established, your family. To win the league you need stability, which is why I was confident of a title challenge before the season even started – because we have stability over the other clubs around us. It’s not a surprise that Liverpool are doing well, because they have been together with the same manager for over a year now.

Anyway, it’s all something to think about and consider. I’m happy Ozil is happy and even happier that he realises the very special potential this current team has. With one or two more additions in January and/or the summer, we’ll be on our way to becoming a modern day super club. But anyway, that’s all something for the future, really all we can do is focus on the here and now.

The reality is we’re currently top and the pack behind are crumbling. We don’t even seem like we need to step up our game this year to win the league, more just stay united and grind out the results and the other teams will self-destruct around us. Take every game as it comes, get the points on the board and I think we can seriously win the league.

And that’s a great thought, don’t ya think?


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2 thoughts on “Ozil is a happy bunny and so are we

  1. chukwudi December 10, 2013 at 12:17 pm Reply

    Thank GOD that it was only a dream,but the smiles on Ozil’s face anytime he scores a goal or celebrating with any scorer shows that he is happy and relaxed in the team.The season is ours to lose if we continue with the level of concentration that the team is showing presently.Thank GOD that Ozil is picking his form very quickly.Good work you diid again today welldone mate.

    • youngarse December 10, 2013 at 4:06 pm Reply

      It was more like a nightmare mate! He’s definitely happy and glad he is. Hopefully we can get a trophy! Thanks a lot

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