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Double swoop, who could be the second? Plus Eight years of memories

Happy Sunday people, a day of rest as people say. I don’t know if I’ll be resting today, I doubt it, I’ve got few odd jobs I wouldn’t mind getting off my to-do list before the new week starts. We’ll see what happens though, as I may take the rest part into my stride instead.

In Arsenal news there’s some information going round Twitter that apparently Higuain is set to leave in the next few days. The club he’s leaving for remains unconfirmed, but with all the links to Arsenal it’s hard to see him going anywhere else. I don’t know what to think of all of it yet, but one of the people I speak to says that there’s a chance they’ve finished the deal already but are waiting to finalise another so they can announce a double swoop, which would be good indeed.

I was discussing a few potential transfers yesterday about who this mystery second signing could be? Or potentially third if you consider Sanogo too. If you think that Fellaini, Rooney, Fabregas and Cesar have all be strongly linked with the club, is it a possibility that it could be any one of these four?

If you analyse each of them, none of them are entirely unlikely. Fellaini has a release clause which is within our budget at £24m, Fabregas is available at £25m, not to mention Barca still owe us money for both him and Song and we have a 50% sell on clause, Cesar is available at £1.5m and wants to stay in London and Rooney is apparently available at £20m and wants to stay in the Premier League.

I’d be happy with any one of them, but realistically I can only see Cesar or Fellaini happening. Cesar is cheap and well within our budget, he’s the Brazilian number one and has a year in the Premier League so he could definitely offer something to the squad. Fellaini has a long term admirer in Wenger and is a proven talent in the Premier League, he is worth the money and his wage demands aren’t as high as the papers are reporting, so it’s not unlikely too.

I still don’t think Fabregas is leaving, although I’ve heard whispers that Per is changing his shirt number as somebody coming in wants it. I also don’t think we can get Rooney, however I didn’t think United would get van Persie, so I’m happy to be proved wrong on this one. One thing I heard back in April was that Wenger told the squad that Rooney was his favourite non-Arsenal player, which got a few shocked responses but it shows that Wenger certainly rates him. If there’s a possibility he can get him, I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to do so.

Last thing to touch on today is this fantastic video by @FrenchFinesse titled Eight Years of Memories. It’s 8 minutes at 17 seconds of brilliance and I’d recommend you watch it whenever you find the time. It’s impossible to not smile on a number of occasions during it and what makes it so special is that I’m sure everybody smiled at different things more than others. It shows that certain moments hold different emotional memories for each one of us, which is why we all love the club the way we do. I don’t want people to see this video as a negative as to what we used to be, but as a positive for our future and what we can be.

Anyway that’s all for today, if you fancy some bonus reading check out this interesting article on Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant Paul Clement and his incredible journey going from a secondary school teacher to where he is today. It’s a remarkable story and well worth your time.

If you fancy a quick giggle, have a look at Spurs away kit for next season. I don’t think it can get any more obvious who they’re sponsored by. Typical of a shit club to allow a big corporate sponsorship to push values and tradition aside in the name of money. Not that they have any values or tradition anyway, but even less so now. Now they’re even more of a laughing stock, which I guess isn’t a bad thing at all, really?

Enjoy the last day of your weekend, more tomorrow as always.


Vito moving up north, Djourou medical and Gervinho talks

Afternoon guys, sorry for the late blog, I completely forgot and now I’m in a rush to squeeze it in. So excuse the short post today, there will be a better one tomorrow!

First bit of news from yesterday is that Italian shot stopper Vito Mannone is being linked with Sunderland. The club are after a new goalkeeper as their previous number one Mignolet has signed for Liverpool and they see Don Vito as a good replacement.

I gotta say, this move makes a lot of sense for all involved. In terms of club perspective, Arsenal are looking to get him off the wage bill as they don’t see his future at the club and Sunderland need a talented goalkeeper with Premier League experience. If you look at it from the player and managers perspective, Di Canio will prefer to work with a fellow Italian and Vito will see it as a great opportunity to work with him too, not to mention the fact he’ll want to stay in the Premiership.

So if an agreement can be found, it seems as though its a win-win situation for everybody. I like Vito, I’ve always seen him as talented and it wouldn’t surprise me if he had one or two seasons as a regular in the Sunderland side and actually became quite good. Not world class by any means, but certainly good enough for Sunderland and perhaps a move later in his career to a bigger side playing European football. I don’t know how much he’ll move for, but I imagine anywhere up to £1m is likely.

Moving on, there’s rumours that Johan Djourou has chosen Hamburg as the side he wants to play for next year and is set for a medical on Monday. SPORT BILD are a well known and reliable German newspaper so I wouldn’t doubt this one. I suppose the HSV will have convinced Johan that they can match his ambition for getting into Europe next year so he’s opted for them over previous club Hannover. The deal will be a year loan with the option to buy at any point for €2.5m, which is a fair deal for both us and them.

Last bit of transfer lingo for the day is on Gervinho who has spoken about his future, he said

I let my agents take care of it.

This is not the time to comment on the transfer window because my words are quickly misinterpreted.

In Ivory Coast a reporter asked me what I thought of Marseille. I told him simply that Marseille is one of the leading French clubs. It was concluded that I wanted to go there.

So, I prefer to enjoy my vacation. I will discuss later.

I know I have contacts, it’s fun, but I let my agents take care of that.

For now, the only date I can give you is July 8th for the resumption of training with Arsenal.

I don’t know what to take from this, in one breath he’s denying what he said about Marseille and saying it was misinterpreted, but in the other he’s saying he’ll let his agent take of things. If he was so keen on staying he’d be saying so, but because he’s referred to his agent, it makes you wonder if he actually wants to stay. My bet is that he wants to leave and is hoping his agent can find him a club that’ll actually take him but at the same time he’s trying not to upset the manager, because if he does stay he wants to be playing. Whatever the scenario, there’s two and a bit long months to go before anything is decided so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of which, I read a great article on Higuain yesterday and I’d seriously recommend you read it. It shows a different side to the striker that I’ve not really noticed and is a great analysis of everything he does. After reading it, it further strengthened my belief that he may be a smokescreen for somebody bigger, especially with Lewandowski’s future still undecided.

Oh well, I’m going to leave it there as it’s Saturday and I can’t be getting anymore into this whole transfer fiasco any more than I already am.

Have a good day folks, more tomorrow.

Higuain and Gervinho rumours and an interesting football report

Friday is here which means the weekend is almost here too. I don’t have anything excited planned myself, so I’m hoping the transfer of Higuain gets announced just to make it interesting.

There’s a couple of people on Twitter saying it’s a done deal but until I hear it from somebody that’s reasonably reliable, I’ll remain cautious. I want this deal to go through just as much as everyone else, but if you think back to situations like Mata, Alonso and Ronaldo, all of which were “done deals”, you’ll remember that nothing is a done deal until it’s on

Speaking of rumours, there’s a big one coming from France that Marseille are in talks to sign Gervinho. I can tell you right now, it’s absolute bullshit. Firstly, the paper reporting this are Le10Sport, who are the French equivalent of The Sun in terms of reliability. Secondly, Marseille can’t afford his wages. They’re budget is basically spent and his wages are very high in comparison to the average Ligue 1 player too.

So people, forget this one. He might go, but I doubt it’ll be to Marseille. Besides, he’s not even top of their list, he’s about fifth, and that’s their wingers list, not overall one.

The Football Observatory posted their annual review yesterday and it showed some interesting stuff. For those that don’t know, they are a research and statistic analysis company that provide reports to stakeholders of the entire footballing industry. So they’re a pretty reputable and reliable company.

They give a report on the most decisive footballers according to their data, and a few things jumped out at me, here they are

  • Fabregas is the 7th highest, above Muller, Kroos and Reus
  • Cazorla is the 15th highest, above Mata, Bale, Pirlo and Xavi
  • Higuain is ranked 20th and Podolski is 21st, above van Persie, Tevez and Lewadowski
  • Walcott is 38th, above Kiessling, Lukaku and Dzeko

It doesn’t surprise me that Fabregas is so decisive, he’s a world class player and is very underrated for me, especially at Barcelona. I was told that an offer of £25m would most certainly mean them accepting, but it’s down to whether or not he wants to leave. I think if there’s one player we should be looking to buy after Higuain it should be him. Just place a bid Arsenal, at least tempt him, who knows what might happen?

Cazorla being ranked so highly shows how much of a gem we got for £12mil. Other players that I didn’t mention that he finished above include Totti, Hamsik Blaszczykowski and Silva. So very good indeed.

Higuain finishing above the big names that he did shows how great of a signing he’d be for £22mil. He finished as the fourth most accurate finisher in all of Europe last year and we create a hell of a lot of chances. Putting him on the end of all those might result in a deadly striker indeed, a potential golden boot winner in my eyes.

They had another report about player values, and again a few statistics caught my eye, including

  • Fabregas is ranked 15th, valued at €40.4 – €47mil, above Busquests, Muller and Cazorla
  • Cazorla is ranked 19th, valued at €37.3 – €43.3mil, above Mata, Ozil and Ribery
  • Walcott is ranked 29th, valued at €29.2 – €33.9mil, above Kroos, Schurrle and Higuain
  • Higuain is ranked 38th, valued at €27.3 – €31.7mil, above Di Maria, Reus and Toure
  • Wilshere is ranked 51st, valued at €25.0 – €29.1mil, above Jovetic, Fellaini and Lewandowski

Fabregas being valued so highly and being available at around €10mil less, makes him look a bargain. Cazorla looks like an unbelievable buy, being valued at more than three times the value we paid for him. People didn’t quite understand last year how well the club did getting him, perhaps they will now. Walcott and Wilshere’s values seem fair, but the people they finished above were surprising, it shows how inflated the market is, especially when you consider Lewandowski’s value being €23.1 – €26.8mil.

Higuain’s value is around the same price as to what Real Madrid are asking for, which makes me wonder if the clubs actually use this report to help them decide how much to sell them for. These values are probably based on more than just their performances, but sponsorships, shirt sales, popularity and more. Realistically, the value of the player comes down to the club, for example I don’t think Arsenal would accept £20m for Wilshere. However the figures are calculated fairly and give a rough idea to the footballing world of the values of players.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for today as it’s so quiet out there I’m stuck talking about a football report. I’m hoping it’s one of those “it’s quiet, almost too quiet” moments where the club will announce two major signings over the next few days, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading as always, more tomorrow.

Gonzalo move edges closer, captains armband questions, Arshavin joins Zenit

Happy Friday Eve everybody, let’s dive straight into the realms of Arsenal.

Firstly, we’ll start with news from Higuain’s brother and agent Nicolas Higuain on the potential move from Real Madrid to Arsenal, he replied

Gonzalo is close to Arsenal.

He was then asked if Tevez joining Juventus has made it more likely of a move to Arsenal and he said

I think so.

Juventus is a great club but Gonzalo is too expensive for their coffers.

Napoli? A strong team, for the Argentines it is much like Naples.

Having said that, I cannot deny that Gonzalo is now close to Arsenal.

Which is all really promising stuff and great to hear. I’m not going to go into much detail on this because I’ve talked enough about it recently, but regardless it’s good to know he’s close to joining and all we can do is wait for it to be confirmed. If you do however, fancy a bit more of a read on him, check out this article. It’s not perfect but it has a few good points and I thought it was a worthwhile read.

Moving on, I heard yesterday that there’s a possibility our captain next year will be big Per Mertesacker. It makes sense that Arsene feels Vermaelen isn’t the right choice for the captaincy and therefore is looking to give the honour to somebody else, but I’m not sure Per is the right choice. He’s a great defender,  is well respected by other players at the club and is clearly passionate too (look at that neck), so why not make him captain?

Well it’s because I feel Arteta is more suited for the role. He’s our vice captain, he wore the armband many times last season in Vermaelen’s absence and he’s the most natural leader in the squad. The problem is that he’s 31 and although he’ll be a regular next season, there’s no guarantee he will be the year after. Do we really want a captain for one more season? We need some stability with that role, we’ve had it change hands from Fabregas to van Cunt to Vermaelen to say Arteta and then somebody else the year after that? Five captains within five years is not stability.

Some people will say what about younger blood? Wilshere perhaps? I won’t argue that he’s a hugely passionate player and is a future captain, but he’s not right now. Next year is his breakthrough season, he’ll have a pre-season under his belt and will be looking to establish himself as a regular starter. He can’t then be given the responsibility of Arsenal Football Club’s captain on top of that, it’s just too much too soon.

So the way I see it is that the boss is looking for a captain for the next few years until Wilshere is ready to make the step up. Out of everybody in term I suppose Arteta and Mertesacker make most sense, who it is out of them I don’t know. If I was to take a guess, my money would be on Arteta, but we’ll see what decision the club make over the coming weeks.

Speaking of decisions, Zenit have confirmed that Andrei Arshavin has signed for them again, they said

One of Russia’s best footballer players of the last decade is returning to his home town.

Zenit football club welcomes the return to Andrei Arshavin to St. Petersburg and wishes the athlete new success in the squad.

This isn’t exactly surprising, I did mention in a previous blog that it looked like he was set to return there and if there’s one place that love him it’s there. He’ll get all the love and attention he needs and who knows, he might manage to find some decent form. On the move, he had this to say

I am very glad that it happened. I am glad to get back to the city. It’s good to wear the Zenit shirt. I just want to play football.

Of course, I want to return to the national team. I do not know whether being at Zenit helps this or not. I just want to play football. And I want to do it in my hometown.

To be fair to him, he deserves another chance to show he’s still good enough and I think Zenit are the best place for that. I will always have a soft spot for him, he’s too cheeky not to, in a way I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t have one last big performance for us. We only have memories now, but hopefully he’ll go onto make many more at Zenit and I genuinely wish him all the best.

Lastly for today, if you would like an update on all the Arsenal transfer gossip in Germany, read this post by @Germangunner. He’s very well informed with German transfers and has said what he knows on gossip such as Bendtner, Djourou, Podolski and Papadopoulos. It might even help your transfer cravings for a few more days until Higuain is announced. I joke, I joke… JUST CONFIRM IT ALREADY!

That’s all for today, I’m going crazy, more tomorrow.

Defenders talk about our defenders

Hello everybody and welcome to another Arsenal filled blog.

We’ll start with yesterdays story that Johan Djourou may be on his way out of the club as there’s to be some progression in the move over the past 24 hours. Hannover’s sporting director Dirk Dufner has been talking to the press, saying

We are in talks with Arsenal and are on a good path. The boy must decide where is the best move for him now.

It is my understanding the offer is a season long loan with the option to buy during it. I’ve been told the deal will include them paying 100% of his wages and the buy figure around £4,000,000. They will face competition for his signature however, as Hamburg said yesterday they also want him. I got confused in yesterdays blog, I said that he’d more likely choose Hamburg due to being comfortable there, however I meant Hannover. German teams with H can get confusing!

Anyway, I think it’s good for him to have choices and really there isn’t much between the two teams. They both finished within the top ten but out of the European places and with only three points between them. If I was in his shoes I’d see which team have the better chance of getting Europa league, however if neither are showing any more strength than the other, perhaps he’d be better staying with Hannover as he’s already spent time there and will feel more in his comfort zone.

Moving on, centre back Laurent Koscielny has been talking to about his future, the league and life at Arsenal, saying

I have a four-year contract and for now I’m at Arsenal,

There is so much intensity, so much physical impact. The philosophy of the game is going from one goal to another. Every weekend the games are important when you’re selected.

Last year, I also scored the goal that sent us in the Champions League. It has become my specialty!

I feel good as part of the team. There are many different characters as in any professional environment. I am calm and I get along with everyone. There’s a good atmosphere amongst the group.

Ya know what? I love Koscielny, he’s honestly one of my favourite players at the club. I’m not one of those people that hated him at first either, I’ve always had a soft spot for him. It’s mainly because before his first appearance for us I read that he finished Ligue 2 with a 100% tackle rate (it wasn’t a handful of games either, it was 40). This really caught my attention and intruged me, so I was keen to see what he could do in a stronger and faster league and I gotta say, the guy just doesn’t miss a tackle.

Even Tony Adams was singing his praises recently, saying

Koscielny was brilliant [at the end of last season],

He reminds me a lot of Martin Keown. He’s very tenacious. I hate labelling people because Martin Keown was one of the best we’ve ever had. But there are similarities there, the way Koscielny marks and his last-ditch tackles.

He’s tenacious in the tackle. [When it came to] that tight, one-to-one defending, there wasn’t a better player that I’ve played with, [than Keown]. To put Koscielny in the same category [to Keown] is an enormous compliment I think.

Adams continues to talk about his partnership with Mertesacker and the overall defensive stability at the end of last season, but the points here about Kos are very much the truth. If a defensive rock like Adams can point out how good he is and even compare him to Keown, then he must be a special player. He’s 27 right now, turning 28 in September, and if he can make another step up next season like he has the last two, I really think we’ll have one of the best defenders in the world on our hands.

Speaking of defenders, another former Gunner Lee Dixon has been talking about one of them, but not Kos or Per, but in fact our out-of-form captain Thomas Vermaelen, he said

I think he should stay and fight for his place, the fruits of Steve Bould’s work over the season we’re now starting to see.

We were a lot more solid towards the end of the season and I think he can benefit from that. He’s a great defender but as a team defender he’s got things to learn and that’s where Steve’s knowledge will be utilised.

And I don’t think anybody disagrees that the way forward for Vermaelen is to fight for his place. It can only benefit both him and the other defenders at the club, so why not? Competition for places is healthy, and I think out of all our defenders Vermaelen is the one with the most heart and leadership, he’s a natural fighter and in my opinion, a natural captain. However, for one reason or another, he’s had a bad season and has fallen out of favour with the fans and the manager. Now it’s up to him to show he deserves his spot back and I really hope he does. He has the talent, mentality and the physical qualities to do it but he just needs to apply himself now and show he should be the on the team sheet again.

Dixon also touched on potential signing Higuain, saying

If it comes off from an Arsenal point of view, he’s quality through and through, he will score goals, there’s no doubt about that.

He’ll get chances because Arsenal play his type of game, I feel, so I feel he’ll fit in really well.

And you can’t disagree with any of that. With Ancelotti finally being named as manager it could mean the transfer will progress finally now, so hopefully the deal will be wrapped up by the weekend so we can all jump on FIFA and score a hat-trick with him against those Spurs.

Anyway that’s all for today, thanks for reading, more tomorrow.

P.s. check out the irony of these three players sharing a bench. Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up, can you?

Djourou has offers, Adams waffles some more and a few bits and bobs

Good morning readers, a quick round-up of a few Arsenal bits that are floating around the net.

First bits of news is that Hamburg have confirmed they aim to take Johan Djourou back to the club this year, either by transfer or loan, they said

We would loan him, but we would also buy him, depending on what Arsenal prefer

They go on to talk about how they feel they could offer more than the other clubs that are interested, including Hannover 96. He’s attracting attention from a couple of German clubs after playing in their league last season, however I can imagine it’s likely he’d choose Hamburg because he probably feels comfortable there.

Regardless, it’s good to see that he could be on the way out, it’s another person off the wage bill and he isn’t exactly a club favourite. I’ve personally never had an issue with him, in fact I’ve always liked him, but he isn’t getting the playing time I think he deserves and sometimes if you love someone you’ve got to set them free. Or something like that.

Moving on, Tony Adams has been waffling on again and pretending he knows all, this time it’s about potential target Wayne Rooney, he said

I’m not sure Wayne Rooney could handle London, to be completely honest. That would be a massive risk,

I don’t think it’s a question of finances. I think it’s his temperament and mentality. London is a different animal and it takes a different type of player.

Which is rather strange to say, I don’t understand how he couldn’t handle London? If the guy can handle Manchester and Liverpool I’m sure he’ll be fine in our capital. I agree with him in one point, though – it’s not a question of finance, it’s whether Wenger thinks his temperament is controllable. He continues a bit more by saying

Wayne is unquestionably a super player and I’d love to see him at the Arsenal. Technically he’s fantastic but I’m not sure about him mentally, off the pitch, and his professionalism.

I know Sir Alex Ferguson has dealt with Wayne brilliantly over the last few years and I’m sure Arsene Wenger could handle him, but I’m not sure. I wouldn’t like to spend my money on Wayne.

This just doesn’t make sense, he is literally contradicting himself within seconds. He says he’s love to see him at Arsenal but he wouldn’t like to spend his money on him. Is he saying he’d take him on a free? If so, well done for stating the obvious, who the hell wouldn’t take him on a free?! Then he says he’s sure Arsene could handle him but he’s not sure. Make your mind up, Tony!

Wenger could handle Wayne, Wayne can handle London and Arsenal can handle his wages, so let’s do our best to make a deal happen and if it doesn’t then at least we tried our best. Some fans will kick up a fuss because we didn’t sign him, probably blaming Wenger and saying he’s too tight, but it really wouldn’t be the case. It would be because either Man Utd wouldn’t sell to us, Rooney didn’t want to join us or he preferred to join a different club. All results which are out of our hands.

In Ashley Williams news, Swansea have said they’re yet to receive any offers for him, they said

While there seems to be constant speculation about Ashley Williams, I can honestly say that I have not had one call from anybody about him,

There have been all sorts of stories in the press about what is happening with Ash but I have never heard anything from anyone.

Which doesn’t surprise me at all. I never believed he was on our list, it always seemed like press bullshit. I’ve been told a defender isn’t on our list this year, but with Djourou on his way out, would this mean our young Spaniard Ignasi Miquel would be promoted to fourth choice? It’s not a bad idea, he’s always looked good to me, he’s rated quite highly, he’s hungry, he’s got the physique, why not give him a chance.

Besides, with a run of games he might surprise us with what form he can find. Plus, due to his youth, he won’t be expecting to play many games. He won’t be upset about only getting a few appearances over the course of the season, whereas Djourou might do. He’ll be more understanding that his time will come naturally and he’ll have more patience waiting for them chances.

Last bit of news for the day is that Arshavin could be on his way to previous club Zenit St Petersburg, they’ve talked about him in the press and said

We have to remember that Arshavin is a product of Zenit and I think it right that a product of Zenit finishes his career at his native club.

Arshavin is a great Russian footballer and a great Petersburg sportsman.

They love him in Russia and more importantly Zenit, so it makes sense for him to return there. I’m sure it won’t be a money motivated decision for him but more a footballing one, it seems likely he’ll sign for them at the end of the month and I wish him all the best for the rest of his career.

That’s all for today, the club are still keeping us waiting over transfers, I predict a double swoop announcement of Sanogo and hopefully Higuain at some point this week. My fingers and toes are crossed so that means it’s a dead certain deal everybody, you heard it here first.

Have a good day, more tomorrow.

What if we don’t get any of our targets? Wenger transfer information uncovered

Good morning guys and girls, I say good morning but are Monday’s ever really good? They’re a shit reminder that you have a hard week ahead of you, however one good thing about them is that they tend to go pretty quickly, so let’s hope that’s still the case today.

Apologies for the late blog, was having difficulties with a few coding configurations on my Mac. After 2 and a half hours of fiddling, it seems they’re resolved, so let’s crack on.

There isn’t much in terms of Arsenal news this morning, I suppose it’s too early yet for the media wheel to start turning. The Higuain deal still floats around the web like some sort of critical illness that turns us all into transfer craving zombies, where the only cure seems to be world class talent. I was thinking yesterday about the a very realistic possibility occurring.

As confirmed over the weekend by Higuain’s Dad, both us and Juventus have offered him contracts. What will we do if Higuain goes to Juventus? To make matters worse, what if then Man Utd keep hold of Rooney or sell him to PSG, then Dortmund either sell Lewandowski to Bayern or hold onto him for a year. Who else will be left for us to go for? Stefan Jovetic? David Villa?

I think a big problem is that due to how much the media have hyped this deal and reported it as done for some time now, it’s actually raised our expectations. If we then sign Jovetic or Villa, we’ll all be disappointed and the fans will be calling for Arsene’s head, which is quite unfair because all three of these deals would be completely out of our hands.

There isn’t much out there in terms of world class talent. The club hopefully realise this which is why they need to be doing everything in their power to make any of these three deals happen. People will say they don’t want Rooney or that they don’t think Higuain will adapt to the league, but I’m sure they’d rather either of them than Villa or Jovetic. Don’t get me wrong here, I think both Villa and Jovetic can bring benefits to the team, however I don’t believe they can bring more benefits than that of Higuain, Rooney or Lewandowski.

So people, let’s hope that this week at some point the club will announce Higuain as a new transfer and we can say “fuck you, Juventus!” and celebrate that we finally go our man. Then let’s hope that the week after we announce another big name, just to put the icing on the cake. Mmmm icing.

In fact, I’ve actually been doing some research into Wenger’s transfer tactics and came across a leaked document on how he buys players. It’s a very interesting find and I hope you treasure it as much as I do, the club have been desperately trying to cover it up but once it’s out on the web there’s not much that can be done.

I did some further digging after finding this information and I managed to obtain a manuscript of a recent conversation between Arsene and Real Madrid over the transfer of Higuain, it went as follows

Wenger: We want Higuain.

Real Madrid: Ok, €25m.

Wenger: €15m.

Real Madrid: No.

Wenger: €13m.

Real Madrid: Do you know how negotiations work?

Wenger: €10m, final offer.

Which is perhaps why the deal is taking so long. Wenger knows how to get people cheap, so these tactics won’t surprise anyone. In all seriousness though, I hope a deal can be wrapped up soon, as I’m clearly driving myself nuts.

Another deal that is making me lose sleep is Fellaini, he was out clubbing with Arteta in Marbella over the weekend, apparently he asked if he’s coming to Arsenal and Arteta responded with “I hope so”. Stick at it Mikel, bring him to the club, tell Wenger how great of a signing he’d be and don’t take no for an answer. If not for yourself, but for all us fans that would love for him to bolster our midfield.

Anyway, I’m going to leave it there, I’m literally driving myself up the wall with this stuff. More tomorrow.